iron_m1School: BFA in Illustration, School of Visual Arts, NYC, 2004

Inspirations: anatomy, activism, art nouveau, nonfiction, poetry, old yellowed paper, decay, comics, word play, graffiti, tattoos, hand lettering, movement, meditation, maximalism, minimalism, mystery, nature

Painting Mediums: acrylic, ink, watercolor, gold leaf, paper, wood, some digital

Me: I’m Kimberly, a writer and illustrator.

My background is varied, my inspirations are varied, and my life is varied — I’ve been a Jeff Koons sculpture technician, a tattoo shop manager, a fashion designer, have restored murals and painted floors to look like stained wood and inlaid ivory. Also, I am a Fitness Coach and Fascial Stretch Therapist (see &

Now, I’m writing a manuscript on my experiences moving from New York to Los Angeles, after an accident restoring a Keith Haring mural resulted in a shattered calcaneus and changed the course of my life — it is about transformation, being broken and broke, being an artist and a lover of movement.  I’m a fighter, and I hope you are too.

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